At Cecil W. Powell & Company our work comp practice has been on the leading edge for the past 20 years as we have determined that we can make a real difference for our clients through the use of our forensic approach.

By actually meeting with real Occ/Med (Occupational Medicine) doctors and going over their protocols as well as our guidelines we can help guide our clients so that they can minimize the damage caused by claims to the experience mod,  DART rate, and dividend programs.

We have developed our skillset over years of helping our clients manage their worker’s compensation programs and have many tools others don’t utilize.

We have many customers who would be happy to share what we have managed to accomplish on their behalf whether it is experience mod improvement, an increased dividend or just helping a client understand how to avoid many of the unnecessary costs associated with work comp insurance.

We have successfully been able to blunt the most recent rate increase effectively through the use of the many tools we have available.

Workers’ Compensation is not just simply a rate. Many of our competitors do not see beyond the state rates which is why Cecil W. Powell & Company is the top writer of workers’ comp with several of the leading markets.


Experienced Mod Review

  • Verify Data/ Mod Review
  • Identify Areas of Mod Improvement
  • Provide Processes to Achieve Lowest Mod

Audit Services

  • Audit Preparation Checklist
  • Audit Review

Pre-Loss Services

  • Hiring Practices
  • OSHA support Services
  • On-Demand Safety Programs and Awareness

Post-Loss Services

  • MyWave® Portal Service
  • On-Line Community Forum
  • Employees STEP Advantage

OSHA Compliance: Cecil W. Powell & Company provides access to an on-line tool for:

  • Recording OSHA Log Incidences
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Referencing Compliance Standards

Safe Workplace Program: We can help you build solid loss control and safety programs to help you stay on top of your biggest risk management and compliance challenges:

  • State Statutes
  • Controlling Your MOD
  • Safety Programs and Policies
  • Fight Fraud
  • Safety Awareness and Education
Workers Compensation Program