What Contractors Need To Know


You know that insurance is essential for your construction business, but did you know not all construction insurance brokers are the same? If you compare policies based solely on price and coverage, then you are missing essential services that only select brokers can provide; services that will save you time and money.  At Cecil W. Powell & Company, we have been in the construction insurance industry for more than 80 years and know that contractors need the right coverages and services that include superior risk control, claims processing and underwriting service.

Your broker should know how to coordinate your various policies to ensure that there are no gaps in coverage. When a claim occurs, a good agent will help liaise with the carriers to determine who will handle the claim. Policies will have exclusions that your broker should be aware of and can advise you on an alternative solution, such as a general liability policy that has a pollution exclusion. If you work in multiple states, that will also have implications for your coverages. Your broker must understand and help you manage all of these aspects to ensure that you are appropriately covered. Contact one of our construction insurance specialists today for more information.

Possibly no two words strike more fear in the hearts of architects, engineers, and contractors than “construction defect.” A claim for construction defect can cost astronomical amounts to correct and defend. And then there’s the damage to your reputation and its impact on your future opportunities for work. It’s enough to break a business.  Contact Us for more information on controlling this risk.


An Owner-Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP), also known as a “wrap-up”, enables a construction company owner or contractor to protect his or her business and various other contractors involved in a construction project under one policy. Typically, OCIP policies cover Workers’ Compensation, Commercial General Liability, Excess Liability, Design Errors and Omissions and Builder’s Risk Insurance.

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