The History of Cecil W. Powell & Company

In 1935 Cecil W. Powell & Company made its first mark in the world of insurance, founded by its namesake Cecil W. Powell who brought his extensive knowledge in insurance and bonding with him to this new venture. In 1973, Fitzhugh K. Powell, Sr., son of Cecil W Powell, was named agency President. Today, he serves the company as Chairman of the Board Emeritus while his son, Fitzhugh K. Powell, Jr., AAI, CRIS, CWCA has been the company President since 1993.

Today, the corporate office is found in the beautiful, historic Morocco Temple building located at 219 N. Newnan Street in Jacksonville, Florida. Registered with the National Historic Society, the building has been completely renovated under governmental rules. Built in 1910, the building has withstood the test of time and prevails as a symbol of fortitude to this day.

Like the Morocco Temple building, Cecil W. Powell & Company conveys a sense of strength and perseverance. The company has prevailed over the years and continues to thrive. Although it is true that a rich past envelops the company, Cecil W. Powell & Company is decidedly part of the 21st century. Our training of personnel is paramount, technology is utilized at every corporate level, and the organizational efficiencies are constantly evolving. This company is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to its customers.  The wide range of services we offer are a testament to our rich history and steadfast nature. We are proud to work with companies, corporations, and individuals in many areas including broker services, group health services, risk management, and captive insurance.