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Layered Property Programs

Cecil W. Powell & Company specializes in Property Coverage for an extensive range of industries including Health Care, Real Estate, Hospitality, Food Processing & Distribution, Manufacturing, Financial Institutions, Municipalities and more.

The team philosophy at Cecil W. Powell & Company is to provide our clients with the best possible product combined with unparalleled service. Cecil W. Powell & Company has partnered with specialty wholesaler brokers to provide our clients with a wider array of insurance products and extensive market access. Through daily interaction with the open market, this partnership allows us to analyze market trends to find customized solutions for every client.

In our collaborative approach, we provide clients with Conceptual Program Designs, complete with suggested & alternative program terms, structures and pricing.

Placement Capabilities

We apply our unsurpassed technical research, analytical and CAT risk modeling capabilities to help insureds better understand their exposures, make informed risk-transfer decisions and clearly tell their story to underwriters.

CAT Modeling Services

The frequency and severity of financial loss from catastrophic events has steadily increased; due largely to growing concentrations of property in high-risk areas, increased construction and commodity costs, and the inclusion of more contingent (indirect) business interruption costs within programs.  Sound risk management, therefore, should take into account catastrophe risk exposure.  Within the past few years, fine-grained electronic maps, geological and weather models, and financial analysis tools have been honed to provide a reasonable approximation of the expected damages for many catastrophe scenarios:

Property Claims Management

At Cecil W. Powell & Company, our Property Claims Management process is an integral part of the client service commitment.  This integrated approach enables us to design policies with coverage wordings and structure that are claims-tested and to develop innovative, efficient claims handling / management processes that reduce the claims life cycle and facilitate favorable settlements.

The successful management of a claim starts well ahead of the loss.  Establishing a pre-loss program where we obtain up front agreement from carriers and adjusters on protocols following a loss, sets the foundation for the efficient adjustment of a claim.  Taking this proactive approach will help eliminate potential problem areas following a loss. 

When a claim arises, your advocates will manage the claim adjustment process to ensure that all policy benefits are received and service expectations are met or exceeded.  Claims are managed through our state-of-the-art technology platform to report, communicate and monitor the process to resolution. 

Wind Deductible Elimination Plan

On average, close to seven hurricanes strike the U.S. every four years, while about two major hurricanes cross the U.S. coast every three years.  Property insurance markets are enforcing higher wind deductibles placing an economic burden on you.

The Wind Deductible Elimination Plan pays 100% of your wind deductible and helps you get back in business.

Let Cecil W. Powell & Company show you how to preserve your financial resources today.

These products are sold and serviced by our experienced and professional staff:

Fitzhugh K. Powell, Jr., AAI, CRIS, CWCA
Direct Phone Line: (904) 256-0101
Faye Coleman, CIC
Senior Account Executive - Commercial Lines
Direct Phone Line: (904) 256-0069

James C. Coleman III, CIC (Rock)
Vice President - Property and Casualty
Direct Phone Line: (904) 256-0066
Gerry Lee, CWCA
Account Executive - Commercial Lines
Direct Phone Line: (904) 256-2034

Russell Grice
Senior Account Executive -
Commercial Lines
Direct Phone Line: (904) 256-0072
Barry Whilden
Director - Large Accounts Division
Direct Phone Line: (904) 256-0097

Susan Jordan
Senior Vice President -
Property & Casualty Division
Direct Phone Line: (904) 256-0075

Tracy Kunz, CISR, CWCS
Account Manager - Commercial Lines
Direct Phone Line: (904) 256-0071
Dora Paratore, AAI, CWCS
Account Manager - Commercial Lines
Direct Phone Line: (904) 256-0096
Brenda Otto, CISR
Account Manager - Commercial Lines
Direct Phone Line: (904) 256-0085

Terry L. Collins, CIC
Account Manager - Commercial Lines
Direct Phone Line: (904) 256-0067
Cindy Ham
Account Manager – Commercial Lines
Direct Phone Line: (904) 256-0099
Annette Evans, ACSR,CWCS
Account Manager - Commercial Lines
Direct Phone Line: (904) 256-0082

Joanne Smith, CIC
Account Manager - Commercial Lines
Direct Phone Line: (904) 256-0089



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